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  • 600D Oxford Cloth 2x2 Hydroponic Mylar Grow Tent with High Reflective for Indoor Plant Growth
600D Oxford Cloth 2x2 Hydroponic Mylar Grow Tent with High Reflective for Indoor Plant Growth

600D Oxford Cloth 2x2 Hydroponic Mylar Grow Tent with High Reflective for Indoor Plant Growth

  • Size: 2x2 feet
  • Materia: 600D Oxford cloth
  • With handbag
  • Product description: GH Industrial can provide 600D oxford cloth 2x2 hydroponic mylar grow tent with high reflective for indoor plant growth.

600D Oxford Cloth 2x2 Hydroponic Mylar Grow tent with High Reflective for Indoor Plant Growth

Quick Detail:


Hydroponic mylar grow tent

Brand Name

OEM offered




600D mylar fabric


2×2 feet




Hydroponics, Indoor garden, Horticulture, Indoor plant grow,Floriculture.


1. Tough black polyester coated outer shell.

2. Non-toxic high-reflective silver mylar fabric.

3. Silver lined interior for light reflection and maximum light yield.

4. Framework made of strong metal and has metal push-fit corner connectors.

5. The mounting bars allow for convenient hanging of light system, carbon filter and fan.

6. Numerous ports for air extraction, air intake and cable entry.

7. Removable fabric spill tray.

8. Black canvas carry bag with handles.

Ultimate control, maximum yield

Our 600d mylar room offer you ultimate control over your plants' environment, allowing easy and accurate control over temperature, humidity and the amount of light your plants receive. This will result in strong and healthy plants with increased yield.

Light is precious

In short, more light equals more yields. Recent studies have shown that plants housed in a grow tent lined with a highly reflective material like Mylar can increase yield by up to 30%. Our 600d mylar grow room are lined with a special mylar which offers 95% reflectivity.

Growing applications

Our 600d mylar grow room have been rigorously tested with the most popular growing applications, including various hydroponics systems and traditional soil based cultivation. Typically both hydroponic and soil growers experience unrivaled results when growing in a 600d mylar grow room.

Grow anywhere

Some of the grow tents in our range have been designed with awkward spaces in mind. Now with many models to choose from you can practically grow in almost any space, including but not limited to bedrooms, utility rooms, conservatories, lofts, cellars and garages.

Why to choose us?

1. We make cheap grow room, we offer some brand customer in EURO and North America.

2. We have a good QC team to check the quality 100% to promise the quality 99.9% no problem.

3. We can make silver and white grow room. The silver has top quality and normal quality.

4. We would like to develop the size or style according to your requirement.

5. We have lots of size now.

6. We can accept small quantity order; mixed size order is ok.

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