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Grow tent

Hydroponic Grow Tent for Indoor Plant Growth 300×150×200cm

  • Size: 300×150×200cm
  • Material: Mylar fabric
  • Corner: Metal
  • Reflective: 95%
  • Product description: GH is Hydroponic Grow Tent for Indoor Plant Growth 300×150×200cm manufacturer in China

Hydroponic Mylar Grow tent for Indoor Plant Growth 300×150×200cm


Grow tent

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600D mylar fabric





What is grow tent:

Grow tent are a space-saving way to garden indoors. They are made of a heavy-weight dark fabric on the outside and lined with a thermal film to keep heat inside, all supported by a strong rectangular frame. The size of the tent may vary, but is on average, about 240cm Long, 120cm wide, and 200cm high -- about the size of a closet. Internal fans keep air flowing and maintain a consistent temperature.


1. Using strongest material on the market with 95% reflective mylar inside

2. High light proofing

3. Easy and quick to assemble

4. Heavy duty corner in polypropylene/metal

5. The material is washable inside and outside

6. Heavy duty tubes allow to hanging heavy equipment.

7. Double socks to ensure air tight

8. With water proof tray

9. With common zipper/waterproof and light proof

10. No Toxic

11. More size available upon inquiry


1. Enough Light

Plants need light to survive. Some apartments or houses just don't get good lighting from the sun, preventing people from growing plants indoors. The frame of a grow tent supports a shop-style fluorescent light fixture, which is sold separately. The thermal, reflective film on the inside of the grow tent aids in delivering enough light to the plants.

2. Enough Dark

Many plants require a regulated period of dark to bloom properly. A grow tent prevents light from getting in from outside sources, using flaps and fabric tubes to allow fans and electrical cords to enter without outside light exposure, so that once the lights inside the grow tent have been turned off, the plants will remain in total darkness.

3. Storing Heat

A grow tent's exterior of a heavy, dark colored fabric helps prevent overall heat loss. The thermal film on the inside traps the heat from the internal light inside the grow tent, making the temperature more consistent overnight when many people lower the thermostat.


Hydroponics, Indoor garden, Horticulture.

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