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  • Hot Sale 5 Gallon 5 Bags Kit Essence Extractor Bubble Ice Bag Herbal Hash Bag with Pressing Screen
Hot Sale 5 Gallon 5 Bags Kit Essence Extractor Bubble Ice Bag Herbal Hash Bag with Pressing Screen

Hot Sale 5 Gallon 5 Bags Kit Essence Extractor Bubble Ice Bag Herbal Hash Bag with Pressing Screen

  • Item: 5Gallon 5 bag kits
  • Material:Nylon Canvas
  • Product description: GH Industrial can provide hot sale 5 Gallon 5 Bags kit essence extractor bubble ice bag herbal hash bag with pressing screen.

Hot Sale 5 Gallon 5 Bags Kit Essence Extractor Bubble Ice Bag Herbal Hash Bag with Pressing Screen

Quick Detail:


Bubble ice bag

Brand Name

OEM offered


5 Gallon 5 bag kits


Nylon Canvas


Purple, yellow, orange, red, blue




* Compatible for use with 5 gallon buckets or tubs.

* Bags are labeled and color coded to corresponding micron rating.

* Larger bag assortment allows for more exact filtering into different grades.

* Purple - 25 Microns

* Yellow - 73 Microns

* Orange-120 Microns

* Red - 160 Microns

* Blue - 220 Microns

* Includes black hps grow light store carrying bag for easy storage

* Free 25 Microns Pressing Screen Included (a $15 value)

* Top quality heavy duty waterproof nylon material

* built in draw string for easily binding the bags after extraction

* Corresponding color to match the micron size of screen

* Different sized bags to filtering different grades of herbal resins

* Various colors and sizes available


This GH Branded Brand New 5 Gallon 5 Bags bubble ice bag enables you to extract valuable plant resins and separate herbal extract into different grades. Removing dust, leaf and other contamination and holds all the finest and smallest high quality herbal crystals/pore size, making sure no crystals escape.


The bubble hash bag is used in indoor growth, like hydroponics, greenhouse and indoor horticulture, which can make herbal extract quickly.


* 100% waterproof nylon canvas

* Make herbal extract quickly

* Cab be re-used again

* Mesh size are selectable

* We are manufacturer with good reputation in producing all kinds of bags and also have rich experience in foreign trade.

* We have professional product lines and quality control system, so we can offer competitive price and high quality products on time.

* We have strong ability on OEM&ODM service

* Small quantity orders are accepted

* Excellent after-sales service and fastest email respond

* Prompt delivery.

Instruction :

* First, Place the Purple = 25 Micron, Yellow = 73 Micron, Red = 160 Micron, Green=190Micron and last Blue = 220 Micron into the bucket.

* And then, fill the bucket with enough cold water to cover the bottom of the Bubble Bags (about halfway full).

* Put in Your Frozen and Dried Plant Trimmings.

* Add enough ice to almost fill your bucket to the top.

* Begin Stirring the Ice and Plant Trimmings for About 15 to 20 Minutes, and Let it sit for 30 Minutes.

* Pull the Bags Out One at a Time from the Water Bucket.

* Extracted Herbal will be Available for you to collect.

* Remove the excess moisture using the pressing screen and a tea towel, and use your new herbal extract!

Kind Notice:

* Our customer services are available from Monday to Saturday.

*There are lots of styles in our show room for your selection. Your visit on our showroom and factory will be warmly welcome.

*If you are interested in our products,please don't hesitate to contact us.Hope to establish long-term business relationship with your esteemed company in the near future

Packing :

1x Purple - 25 Microns

1x Yellow - 73 Microns

1x Orange - 120 Microns

1x Red - 160 Microns

1x Blue - 220 Microns

1x Carrying bag for easy storage.

1x Pressing Screen - 25 Microns


This item can be shipped to ALL destinations around the world. Orders will be shipped out within 20-25 days after confirmation of payment Tracking No. will be emailed to you once we ship your order

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